Wife for a Week - Kelly Hunter Quoted from my review @ http://misscz.wordpress.comDuring Nicholas Cooper’s last trip to Hong Kong, the daughter of his potential business partner made a pass at him. To fend her off, Nick invented a wife. Now, he’s about to close the deal, which means he’s got to go back to Hong Kong — with a wife.Hallie Bennett works at a high-end shoe store. She meets Nick when his mother, who is shoe-shopping, comes into the store with him in tow. Hallie and Clea, the mother, hit it off right away and Clea thinks she’s be the perfect “wife” for Nick (Clea’s not-so-secret agenda is to have grandchildren — the right pretend wife could become the real deal, thus leading to babies). Initially, Hallie thinks the pair is crazy, but eventually agrees to meet up with Nick later to give her final answer. They talk about themselves and their families, getting to know each other. Ultimately, Hallie agrees and some ground rules are established.I was charmed by the book and there were several laugh-out-loud moments for me. I liked Nick, Clea, and Hallie. Nick’s a nice guy, really. He talks to Hallie and listens to her. And he’s not happy about misleading John Tey regarding his martial status. But exactly how do you tell a widower that his eighteen-year-old only child made a pass at you? What if John thought that they should marry? An issue comes up that puts Hallie in potential danger. Though Nick rather handle the situation, Hallie convinces him to let her handle the problem herself — and he sits on the sidelines. Hallie, having lived in the over-protective shadow of four brothers, needs to know she can take care of the mess she made without interference from them or Nick.This is my first Presents. I was drawn in by the excerpt: Hallie, in the shoe store, talking to the pricey shoe just before Nick and his mother walk in. I will definitely read more from this author.Favorite Quotes:“He’s loaded.”“Well, yes. But is he creative?”“You should see his tax returns.”– Clea, Hallie (re: Nick)“What does Tristan do?”“He works for Interpol.”“Paper pusher?”“Black ops. But he’s a pussycat really.”Sure he was. All black ops specialists were pussycats. It was such a caring, non-confrontational profession.– Nick, Hallie (re: Tristan, her brother)