The Convenient Marriage - Georgette Heyer From my review @ http://misscz.wordpress.comComments: One of my favorites. I love it! Horry, with her stammer and faults, is still a girl with many good qualities. She loves her family, speaks her mind, and owns up to her mistakes. She’s brave and resourceful, too. Marcus, whom I’m madly in love with, is everything a hero aught to be: he did not have to accept Horry’s proposal to take her instead of Elizabeth. He’s a true gentleman, giving Horry the chance to explain herself and make her choices, even if he knows they aren’t the best for her. He gave up his mistress when he took a wife, which many men of the age did not. The supporting cast is exceptional. The villain, Lord Robert Lethbridge, is not-over-the-top. He’s a man with a grudge. Lady Massey, the former mistress, behaves like a jilted woman, but she never goes as far as Lethbridge in her revenge. Crosby Drelincourt, provides some comic moments as the dandified heir presumptive who feels his future has slipped away the day Marcus married Horry, though they have no child yet. But the best comedy comes from Viscount Pelham Winwood and his friend, Sir Roland Pommeroy. Their efforts to help Horry is a great piece of comedy. I was laughing so hard, I cried. I could not pick one quote from the entire escapade, so I chose something from earlier.Favorite Quotes:“You shouldn’t keep the front door open. What’s to stop people coming in and hitting you over the head? It’s preposterous.”“I wish you would go home.”— Viscount Winwood, Lord Lethbridge