April Lady - Georgette Heyer Quoted from my review @ http://misscz.wordpress.comI liked Nell. A sweet person, who over-spent her quarterly allowance when she loaned her roguish brother money. She then over looks a bill for a very expensive dress and is afraid to tell her husband about it. Her behavior has made Giles question whether she married him for love or for his money. Poor Giles. Here’s a man who’s truly in love, and is confronted with the possibility that the naysayers were right after all. And when he thinks Nell is responsible for what happened to the Cardross necklace, I really felt his anger and heart break.I also liked Dysart. Even with all his crazy schemes, he’s a decent guy — if somewhat directionless. He’s a much better character than Letty, since he does try to help (in his own way) when all Letty cares about is getting her own way. I did not like Letty, Giles’ spoiled, self-centered half-sister, at all. Her thoughtless remarks served only to reinforce Nell’s insecurities regarding Giles’ true feelings for her. Yet Nell continued to be sympathetic to Letty’s cause. Her behavior throughout made me wish that Giles would like her up in the attic!