Dark Deceiver - Pamela Palmer Quoted from my review @ http://misscz.wordpress.comAutumn McGinn is not Sitheen — the name given to the humans with Esri ancestors. She helped them find the draggon stone in the first book, and she helping with midnight patrols and research. So far, things aren’t going so well for her. She lets one of the Esri escape and she hasn’t had any luck finding the other stones. And she’s a bit of a klutz. It’s no small surprise to her that she nearly brains the tall, mysterious stranger who comes looking for Larsen at the houseboat. Autumn is immediately taken with him. At 6′4 and self-described as “Ronald McDonald’s Amazonian cousin”, it’s rare for her to find anyone — outside of the NBA — taller than she, and who appears to be interested in her.Living centuries surrounded by the shorter and very pale Esri, Kade finds the red-headed Autumn to be the most vibrant creature he’s ever beheld. Her genuine concern for him touches him profoundly. Because he has a human ancestor — who, he doesn’t know — he is considered an outcast. He’s made a life for himself as the Punisher, the king’s personal bouncer (for the lack of a better description). He is feared throughout Esria, though he has no power other than his strength and physical appearance. It’s a lonely existence. Nobody has ever shown him kindness or acceptance. Autumn’s reaction to him unravels his world, right from the beginning. Just being near her makes him forget his mission. When he does think about it, he is determined that she remain unharmed no matter what happens to the Sitheen, and he dwells on the fact that giving her up will be the hardest thing he’s ever done.I really loved this book. I loved watching Kaderil’s transformation from the Punisher to the man who would forsake even his life to save the human world — all for the woman he loved. Ms. Palmer added a little more to the world-building with the backstory of how the stones ended up in our world. The book ends with the possibility of more stories to come. I can’t wait to see what she does next!Besides Larsen and Jack, the rest of the gang was back for book two. Charlie, Harrison, Aunt Myrtle, and Tarrys. Poor little Tarrys. Still nursing a major crush on Charlie. A little advice for you, Tarrys: try wearing clothes that actually fit you. I’m sure you’re very fond of your over-sized Redskins shirt (or is that the author’s) and too-big jeans, but Charlie probably thinks you’re, like, twelve when you dress that way. Oh, and one other fashion tip: wear a bathing suit at all times. If you’re destined to be a heroine in your own book, have scuba gear handy, for your author has a fondness for dumping her lovebirds in the Potomac. ;-)