Royal Lockdown (Lights Out, #1) - Rebecca York Quoted from my review @ http://misscz.wordpress.comEleven years ago, Liam Shea was sent to prison. He was part of a Special Forces task force, sent in to rescue hostages. But when he supposedly cut the power too soon, the kidnappers were alerted and several of the hostages were killed before the task force could reach them. Shea has long claimed he was set up, that he got an “all set” signal from someone else on the team. But without proof, he’s found guilty. Now out of prison, Shea is bent on revenge against the men of that task force. Several of the members are attending a gala, and he sets his plan into motion.Shane Peters was one of those men. He’s now a millionaire security expert. His primary interest in the gala is the Beau Pays sapphire, on display for the event. He’s especially interested in what type of security it has, since he is looking to be hired by the king. Then he sees Princess Ariana and is instantly attracted to her. He manages to get her to dance with him and is therefore with Shane when Shea and his sons take the gala attendees hostage.Ariana has always been a dutiful princess and is set to marry a minor noble of Beau Pays. Meeting Shane, being instantly attracted to him, makes her rethink her decisions. The more she gets to know him, the more certain Ariana is that Shane’s the one she wants to be with. Ariana is so sure of this, she is more than willing to give into temptation, even while Shane himself is trying to avoid it. He believes that a relationship between them could never work — he with his side job in the black ops field and her as the future queen.But before all that can be settled, the pair has to survive the Sheas. Liam’s primarily interested in Ariana because she is standing in for her father, who was on that ill-fated mission. The king, being ill, sent her to the gala. Shane makes it his mission to get her safely out of Boston.The book moves along pretty quickly. Ariana gets to show off her skills in self defense and fire arms. Since this is the first book in a four-book mini-series, the kidnapping and revenge plot is not resolved.