Kiss of Fire - Deborah Cooke Quoted from my review @ First off, I really liked the world building. The dragons, called Pyr, protect humans like they protect any of the Earth’s other treasures. They do not kill humans indiscriminately. In fact, true Pyr don’t kill humans, period. There is a faction of Pyr, called Slayers, that don’t agree with the idea that humankind is a precious treasure. The Slayers believe humans are insignificant and have squandered the more precious of treasures — the Earth. They have no qualms killing people or other Pyr.All the dragons are male, with the exception of the Wyvern — the prophetess of the Pyr — and they can live forever. They are not, however, indestructible. Very hard to kill, yes; but it can be done. To perpetuate the species, dragons must mate with human females. But not just any female, apparently. Pyr have destined mates, and there’s no telling when a Pyr will feel the firestorm that heralds his mate. Many have been waiting a very long time.Quinn is a nice guy. Truthful, protective without being domineering, and thoughtful. He give Sara the time and space she needs to get a grip on the new reality she’s facing. For her part, Sara is a practical person who deals in hard, cold, facts. When she’s presented with irrefutable evidence that dragons are real, she doesn’t panic or go into denial. She accepts the new reality, asks questions, and reads up on the subject.I have to say I liked Donovan from the first. His book is the next one, but it’s his POV in the prologue of Kiss of Fire. I read the sneak peak for his book and can’t wait to read it. I also hope that Rafferty, poor guy, gets a firestorm.