Texas Ransom by Amanda Stevens

Texas Ransom - Amanda Stevens

Summary: Wealth, power and the perfect life. That's what Graham Hollister thought he had with his beautiful wife, Kendall. He'd almost lost her in a deadly car crash, but since then he'd reveled in their renewed marriage. Until one Texas night changed everything. A brutal crime cartel came to abduct Kendall. Only the kidnappers didn't want just ransom --- they were out for revenge. But as Graham raced against time and all odds to rescue his wife, everything he thought he once knew about her was now in question. Would the dark, dangerous secrets she harbored destroy them both?


Comments: If you're the sort of Romance reader that doesn't like it when the author keeps the main couple apart for nearly the entire book, then this book is not for you. Kendall is kidnapped early on and the couple is reunited during the last few pages. You've been warned.


I liked Graham, which is fortunate, since we spend so much time in his head, as he tries to cope with a situation where he is in over his head. Graham is not the aggressive, golden boy of the family -- that would be his older brother, Terrence. Graham was the less athletic, studious son. He wears glasses. He suffers from vertigo. Though he owns his own architectural firm, his life is relatively simple and quiet. All that changes when his wife is taken from him.


Graham is anxious to get his wife back, but is afraid that the kidnapper will carry out their threats against his family if he doesn't follow their instructions to the letter. Graham is able to make contact with the FBI covertly, but he realizes pretty quickly that they are suspicious of him. Things aren't adding up for them. Over the course of the book, Graham learns that there are many things he doesn't know about his wife, and those things are making the FBI suspicious of them both. Through it all, nothing shakes he determination to get her back.


As noted above, Kendall is hardly in the book. It's hard to talk about her, because it would be a spoiler. Suffice to say, she truly loves Graham. She, too, was in way over her head and afraid of losing the man she loves.


Started: 1 July 2008

Finished: 6 July 2008


DISCLAIMER: I purchased this book.


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