About Me

So..I didn't like all that other text under the blog icon.  Some of this is copied directly from the blog's About Me..


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My name is Christina.  I'm a civilian employee of the U.S. Army whose job moved to Kentucky -- and I chose to go with it.  I really love my job.


Some of the authors I enjoy: Georgette Heyer, Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Lara Adrian, Julie Hyzy


I read romance, urban fantasy, mysteries, and science fiction.  I prefer shifters to vampires, but I've become more accepting of them. ;-)


I'm pretty casual about reviewing. Lately, I haven't been reviewing every book I read. Since it's a hobby, I don't feel pressured into writing something when I rather just jot down some private notes for myself, decide on a star rating, and move on to the next book.


I try to read books that grab my interest. A 3-star or above is a guarantee that I will read more from that author.  I've moved away from reviewing books that I don't finish -- unless it is part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. As a long time female fan of Star Wars, it is one of the few areas I feel comfortable doing a DNF or low-marked review.


And because I'm casual about reviewing --


I do not accept review requests. Period.


It would stop being a hobby if I started accepting commitments like that.