Christina Babbles About Reviews

I've been steadily reformatting my reviews that were imported from GR.  Fortunately, I did not have many -- less than 50.  I've got approximately 25 left to do.  For the most part, I did not change the post dates, so they remained in their original spots on the timeline.  I've adjusted one or two to be a different date in the past -- for example, changed to have the same post date as the entry on my blog.  I've also gone back to GR and modified the reviews: left a paragraph or two and a link to BL.


As for "new" content, there well be two types: books read in the current year (2013-??) and older reviews I'm tagging  "Flashback Review" (2012 and earlier).


Example of a current read: And Only to Deceive


Example of a "Flashback Review": Lady Emma's Dilemma (Trivia: this was the first book I blogged about when I started on in March 2007)


I'm spacing them out -- maybe three a week -- so I'm not cluttering everyone's feeds. :-)